OP Auto Clicker 3.0 Free Download For Windows - Latest Version

OP Auto Clicker Download is an excellent example of how clicking can be a chore in your daily life. You must first download this Download OP Auto Clicker application. This app is an easy generator for users who need to do a lot with their mouse and can be introduced as a straightforward app designed to enable you to activate all the essential functions now using the keyboard.

How to use OP Auto Clicker

If you want to perform one action, you need to activate a single target mode, as shown below.

Here you can go to settings and change the time interval between two clicks to milliseconds, seconds, and minutes as you wish, and it is as follows.

And if you want to make continuous clicks, you have to go through the first of the three instances, select the second time to finish doing it within a specific time frame and select the third time if you want to record the number of exposures. It can also be done as shown below.

You will also have the ability to set the number of clicks to end tour times. Here you can increase the number of times the letters or symbol is ticked by pressing the blue round button on the target. Doing so will enable you to type any letter or character you want without multiple clicks.

When you have several targets to do, you can use them by clicking on the multi-target option here. You can see it in the image below.

The various formats listed here make it easy to play, increase target size, reduce target size, set, and even movie.

You can see it in different colors, as shown in the image above. You can arrange the words alphabetically on the letters or symbols by using the characters included here to form any kind of word you want there. You can also save time by activating the positive green sign here.


Features of OP Auto Clicker Download

OP Auto Clicker is a free application.

OP Auto Clicker Free Download can be introduced as free software, so you can easily download and experience it free of charge.

You can set any word to any number you want anytime.

It allows users to set the number of clicks per second for any given period, so you do not repeat it. So you can do your job without having to type any word any number of times automatically.

This OP Auto Clicker Free comes in two variants.

It also offers you two modes, and you can set a dynamic location for the cursor to add and select any specific location for clicks before running the app.

The primary function here is to follow the mouse clicks from your device.

The primary role here is to follow the mouse clicks from your device, add an unlimited number of clicks until you stop it, and set more clicks in the allotted time.

It comes with a simple interface.

OP Auto Clicker Free Download PC will find a simple interface and all the features that can be configured after launch, as they can pause between clicks, so many clickers will need to set the timer for the game in milliseconds.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • OP Auto Clicker Download has a simple operating system.
  • You can do several tasks at once.
  • This software will do your job automatically without wasting your time here.
  • There are unlimited clicking options.
  • You can use it on your computer as well as your mobile phone.


  • This software occasionally has errors in the access permit.

FAQ of OP Auto Clicker Download

What is this OP Auto Clicker designed for?

OP Auto Clicker Download for PC allows you to click automatically, saving you time on your sports activities and other computer-related activities.

How to use this OP Auto Clicker?

You can use the Single Target Mood here. You can access its menu by accessing the software and going to its main menu here. You can set up the click type with two-click to change the number of clicks and click, click, click. If you want to use this for a few work, you have to go to Multi-Task Mood. Here you can use it for several functions. Here you can use this to type the same word multiple times.

What device can this OP Auto Clicker use?

This software allows you to use it easily on your computer and portable devices. This software will enable you to use keyboard shortcuts.

What is OP Auto Clicker?

This OP Auto Clicker is then right-clicking. The task is to imitate your mouse. Or you can set the number of clicks for a time given. Moreover, you can place the time between clicks, and you need to make only a command to complete.

Can you use this OP Auto Clicker software for free?

If you use this software, you cannot use it for free. However, you need to pay if you want to use it after using it for free. You will need to download it to your devices using the Play Store or Appstore software.

How to change the Hotkey setting?

  1. You must first open this OP Auto Clicker device.
  2. There you will see the Hotkey setting button.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Then click the start or stop button.
  5. You will then be able to select the hotkey by tapping on the Keyboard.
  6. The key you press will be set as Hotkey for OP Auto Clicker for PC.

Can you use this application optimally?

This OP Auto Clicker is beneficial for the players. They can sometimes use this software while playing the game efficiently. You can use the same word for tasks such as typing multiple times to enter data. Users do not need to inconvenience as it is designed to be easily accessible to anyone.

Can any person use this OP Auto Clicker?

Yes, This software can easily be used by people of any age. This OP Auto Clicker is valuable software even for small children who play video games. It has a lot of functionality due to its easy setup and the ability to easily download it to your computer or other devices.

Do users need the knowledge to use this?

Experienced and novice users do not need to know how to use it. You created this application just for you to use the mouse. All the functions you need can be done automatically using the keyboard.